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Creating the first every custom gaming headset web platform, ASTRO Gaming launched a live demo at our booth at PAX West 2016. With customers and influencers alike flocking to the booth to purchase their own custom colored A40 headsets. This had never been done before, and was a huge endeavor from the entire team.  I assisted with the booth set up, design, and creation. I also created a looping, subtlely animated video that cycled through the different color combinations, and showed pricing options. This was displayed on a large flat screen display at the booth.

The ASTRO.ID creative was lead by Chris and executed by myself, where I developed the logo by customizing the NB Architekt type family. I also helped create the expressive iconography and illustrations for each persona that was paired with real ASTRO employee photographs as well as those of models, showing off the different styles and aesthetic tastes that makes up the ecelectic gaming community,


Design Manager _ Christopher Chang

Lead Designer _ Kelly Harris

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PAX Ad Mockup.jpg
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