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My passion for design began during the early stages of my life, through gaming oddly enough. Originally self-taught, I am also traditionally trained in graphic design. With a fusion of contemporary style, an experimental nature, and fundamental design sensibilities, I seek to arrive at solutions that help convey the desired themes, messages, evoke feeling, and resonate with audiences. Leveraging a keen eye for color, typography, and imagery, I find great joy in how these elements come together as fully realized solutions that tell compelling. emotive stories.

My specializations include: branding and brand identity, logo design, publication, editorial/book design, print production, various fields of digital design (web design, social media graphics/imagery), vector artwork, collage, conceptualization, art/creative direction, digital and film photography, photo manipulation/retouching, in-depth knowledge and experience in gaming software and hardware industries, esports, streaming, stream graphics and overlays, emotes, event graphics, signage & environmental design.

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