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San Francisco from Angel Island

It was during my early years that I realized graphic design was indeed a legitimate medium, an artform that allows us to convey ideas, share our stories, evoke feelings, engage our minds and inspire action. It was a big creative outlet for me. I soon realized that this was what I wanted to devote myself to. With each project and experience, I have learned more about the world as well as myself. At the end of the day, I strive to connect humans through design.

I spend my time working with traditional graphic principles, and adding my own contemporary abstract sense of style; one that is inspired by the Futurist, Constructivism, and Swiss eras, among others. Always looking for ways to fulfill my desire for good design, I often learn to employ new tweaks, techniques, tools and methods to my processes, while weighing them against more readily established solutions. I've worked as a solo freelancer, a designer at an efficient studio, and in-house designer for large scale companies. I thrive on teams of any size, and relish opportunities for them come together & create something beautiful.


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