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emit:time | museum of craft+design | exhibition book

The Emit:Time exhibit  is as simple as reading a clock, but represents the essence of timepiece design. This theorhetical exhibit at the Museum of Craft and Design would feature the art of horology. The logotype is an homage to digital timepieces, and the Atomic Age. The colors were chosen to be  simple, complimentary, and representative. Orange represents the sun, by which one of the earliest timepieces, the sundial, was designed. It also represents the sands of time. The indigo represents the evolution of timpiece technology and the backlight for digital timepieces. Research for this project involved an in research on horology, and historic timepieces.


Choosing a timeframe to start with was the natural way for me to begin planning and designing this exhibit. By focusing on timepieces and their mechanisms, I was able to develop a simple visual system that incorporates the two-color palette, which is symbolic of  day and night, old and new, as well as creating a sense of chrono-balance. The time sphere charts are both functional and for design purposes, allowing both the reading and plotting of time, as well as a pleasant arangement of shapes.

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