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Airbus Industrie | Airline Rebranding

Airbus is a European aeroplane company that has been a major player in aviation since 1970. Originally Airbus Industrie, Airbus has evolved through the years to provide state of the art aviation technologies, and highly efficient aircraft designs. For this airline rebranding project for Identity Design 2 course at Academy of Art. The concept was to further define and brand Airbus' four main branches of operation; Military, Commericial, Business/Corporate, and Freighter class aircraft. I deicded to use color to help define and create a sense of unity and uniqueness that Airbus resonates. By creating a new color palette, an updated logo, as well as real life applications, Airbus was able to bring itself to a more universal market, while maintaing a modern and sophisticated feel. The addition of more colors adds to the identity and diversity to the orginial design.

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