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ASTRO Gaming | Speaker Tags | Rick and Morty

As a part of the [adult swim] partnership with ASTRO, the Rick and Morty collection was a series of speaker tags for the flag-ship A40, and A38 Wireless  line of gaming headsets. Featuring the patented magnetic speaker tags, we offered three options for the A40 tags, and another two for the A38. This project was an enjoyable experience from start to finish. [adult swim] was a great partner to work with, and provided an abundance of original, high-resolution art in the form of PDFs and layered PSDs.


After unpacking everything, I quickly began determining not only what would work within the allotted space, but also how these tag designs would function as entertaining and engaging pieces when worn on the head. Playing with different memorable scenes and characters from the show, I decided to to feature scenes such as Rick and Morty replacing their dead selves in an alternate universe in the episode "Cronenberged", traveling through portals, and the much beloved Mr. Meeseeks.

Design Manager _ Christopher Chang

Lead Designer +
Creative Direction _ Kelly Harris


Tag Designs

Web Banner


Debut @ PAX 2016

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