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Polar/Shift | Paper Promotion / Red River

Polar:Shift is a paper promotion project, but ultimately aspires to provoke thought. Printed on and bound with 60 lb. Double Sided Polar Matte by Red River Paper company, it served as the starting point for this . By examining the paper's specs and dual sided function, one quickly realizes the importance of having multiple sides, especially in creating books. This book accompanies a swatch card set with Polar Matte's details, as well as a 24" by 36" poster. This system serves as an expressive promotion for such a high-quality ink retaining paper. The concept behind Polar:Shift is one of opposites, and paradigm changes in people and their world.


With talks of the end of the world, and apocalypse theories, I chose to address those concerns with a hopeful and energizing remedy. This project explores the mind and the world, and at times asks more questions than it answers. Sometimes a question is the best answer. Flip your mind and realize something new.

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