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captura | capture life's precious moments

This project in Graphic Design 2: Integrated Principles had us invent and develop an impossibly magical product that solved a day-to-day dilemma that we individually faced. I chose to improve upon the camera's basic principles of capturing and recording sight and sounds and factored in our other 3 sensory perceptions. 


The result was captura, a 5 sensory camera that is able to detect any or all of the senses that are utilized during any event. No longer will you be wishing you were there, with this magical all-seeing eye you can be there everytime, enjoying everything the moment has to offer. I chose to incorporate a 5 color system that identified each of the sense that captura is able to record, giving the design life of its own and variety, something that the senses do for us each and every day of our lives. These experiences is what captura could record. Click thumbnails to expand.

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